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Forest Path


Paper Heart


Intergenerational Trauma Healing

Akashic Record Readings

Radical Conflict Coaching

Shadow Self Exploration

Mediumship Mediation

Intuitive Edgewalking


Keelan is a genderqueer trauma surviving poet and parent utilizing a myriad of modalities to unlock folks’ potential. 

Combining nearly 20 years of conflict resolution/mediation, a lifetime of psychic mediumship and over a decade of hands-on healing, Keelan guides people to address the foundational underlying conflicts holding them back.

By exposing  intergenerational trauma, mediating genealogical conflict and engaging past life wisdoms, Keelan works to extract the tentacles of long term blocks and negative trauma patterns. 

Through the art of asking courageous questions, deep empathetic listening and authentic path forging Keelan preserves self-determination for all who work with them.

Tools such as plant allies, animal teachings and radical ritual are as core to Keelan’s  work as  oracle cards, stones and sound. All modalities used in Keelan’s sessions are explicitly negotiated, all actions are initiated through true informed consent and all outcomes are birthed through engaged collaboration.

Get Unstuck

Unsure Which Way To Go? Overwhelmed With Options? Not Sure How To Get Back On Track?

Past Lives

What Have Your Past Lives Taught You That Could Help You In This Lifetime?

Break Old Patterns

Feeling Like The Same Patterns Keep Holding You Back? Making The Same Mistakes Over and Over Again?

Connect with the Deceased

Wondering What Messages Your Ancestors Have For You? Looking For Guidance From Deceased Loved Ones?

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